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With a long-established local presence and reputation, The Brooker Group is a boutique specialist in providing integrated investment banking and financial consulting services on equity and debt securities to leading firms in Thailand. This includes mergers and acquisitions, loan refinancing, rehabilitation, other capital raising efforts, and services including planning, and negotiations. The Financial Consulting Division also assists multinational companies in company valuation and advises on investments and joint ventures.

We provide high quality consultancy services with a team of highly experience and successful investment bankers, well trained and extensively experienced professionals who have personally worked on a number of fund transactions over the past decades.

We create value for our clients with the knowledge and connections to perform a wide array of advisory services to corporations and owners. We are different because we focus on offering owners and top management complete and hands-on advisory services to maximize their value and wealth. We always have solutions for them in complex and time-consumed transactions where no one can.


Structure equity placement or recapitalization and seek investors for private placement or public offering

Stock Market Listing Coordination
Nurse and prepare private company for IPO
  • Private Placement
  • Project Finance
  • Bridging Loan
Strategic Partnership
The Brooker Group provides strategic partner advisory service.

Capital Market Products
Advise on fund-raising activities via the private placement or public offering of capital market products including: structuring of tailor-made financial products and the associated placement strategy; coordinating with potential investors to ensure successful subscription.
  • Warrant
  • Convertible Debenture
  • Share Swap

Bring in fresh capital, new investors, new businesses to the transactions and manage non-core divestments

Corporate Restructuring
The Company has experienced on analysis and planning financial structure to business or new company, production expanding project or invest to expand business

Debt Restructuring Advisory
Provide a full range of services in debt restructuring: Advise in formulation of a viable financial restructuring plan and assist in negotiations with lenders and implementation of rehabilitation plan.

Rehabilitation Plan
Structure and lead coordination of rehabilitation transactions both in and out-of the Court


Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Schedule
Provide advice on targets, and execution of M&A through package, search right buyer and lead deal coordination of potential investors through our extensive client network, evaluation and recommendation of a fair range of valuations for M&A transactions, and assistance with structuring, negotiation.

  • Management Buyout (MBO)
  • Leverage Buyout (LBO)


  • Business Valuation
  • Shareholder Value Analysis
  • Equity Story Promotion
  • Accounting and Taxation Issues
  • Financial/Project Feasibility
  • Divestiture
  • Transaction List
  • Property Funds


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